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Beckham Cam | SIX MONTHS

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

S I X months. 181 days of loving you. Beckham Cam Le, you tiny little human, you have stolen our hearts in the best possible way and have made our lives so full. The past six months have gone by so fast yet I can hardly remember a day without you. It seems like we have loved you for as long as we’ve lived.

Your personality is just the best. I’ve lost track of the number of strangers who have told us that you are the happiest baby they’ve ever seen. We usually push you in your stroller when we are out and about, and so many people passing by will turn their heads to get a peek at you because you are usually giggling away. You love to be tickled, and when mama or daddy are getting you good, you hold your laugh in until it bursts out in a full-force belly laugh. You get so delirious when you are tired, and practically anything will have you laughing uncontrollably.  I love hearing you shriek in excitement at certain toys, cartoons, and sounds… or when daddy is blowing raspberries on your belly. You love to splash in the bath, and getting pampered with lotion afterwards is kind of your thing. You smile nonstop and you are definitely not shy! Let a pretty lady walk in the room and your charming nature takes over. You are a big ole’ flirt! You are so intrigued by other kids; sometimes you will just stare and giggle at any move they make, even if they are not even acknowledging you. Getting you to sit still these days is a task on it’s own, but Mickey Mouse or Nursery Rhymes on TV (or YouTube when times are desperate) usually does the trick. You are a serious wiggle worm! You LOVE animals just like your daddy.. if one of our dogs is in the room, good luck getting your attention elsewhere. Oh, and fish… you are totally mesmerized by fish! I’m thinking a trip to the aquarium is in order very, very soon. You love to babble and chatter on in your own little language. You are really starting to experiment a lot with different sounds, especially the ones you can make with your tongue sticking out. The only identifiable word you have said is “dada,” although you definitely don’t know what it means yet so I’m not even sure that counts. You love reading; your favorite so far is The Three Little Pigs (this I know because this is literally the only book you let me read you from start to finish). You even love it when your cousins Brinley, Kara, and Jada join story time with you.

Either you’ve gotten really, really good at selfies, or you just love seeing yourself in the mirror. Or maybe a little bit of both. You are the center of attention around these parts, that’s for sure. You demand snuggles like it’s what you live for, and we are more than okay with that. You have started to raise your arms and reach out to people when you want to be held (the first person you ever did this to was great grandma). You hardly ever want to be put down… you might be a teeny, tiny bit rotten. This month, you started laying your head on our shoulders when we carry you.. and I pretty much melt to the floor with how sweet you are. You love to lay in my arms and stare for the longest time with such intent, usually running your fingers across my face. Most of the time when I least expect it, you end up grabbing a handful of my cheek and pinch with all your might. I’ve learned to keep your nails short- not only for your safety- but for mine too.

Naps are still a little rough. You are usually a pretty good sleeper at night (you’ve been sleeping through the night since you were about 3 weeks old), but laying you down for a nap is a totally different story. Lately you require eye contact before you will even THINK about closing your eyes. You are actually asleep in my arms as I write- if I lay you down, you will immediately wake up and your nap is o v e r. Spoiled, much? They say to never lay a baby down for a nap while they’re sleeping, rather to lay them down in a sleepy- but awake- state. Yeah, you’re just not about that life. We’ll get there, buddy, we’ll get there. (Side note: I don’t know if you will ever learn your name. At this point, you probably think it’s either “buddy” or “monkey.”) You have only taken a handful of naps in your own crib. You sleep in your DockATot in our bed at night (judge away, mom shamers!) and in the Pack’n’Play for nap time. Within the next few months, we will start transitioning to the crib, which will be more of an adjustment for daddy than anyone else.

You’ve become increasingly interested in what everyone else is eating, and on rare occasion, we will give you the smallest sample of what is on our plate. You LOVE watermelon, but you pretty much seal your lips and turn your face when we offer any fruit puree unless it’s mixed with oatmeal. You are a veggie boy, just like mama! You still love your paci, but you mostly just take it when you are sleepy and/or going to bed. Until you were about 3 months old, that paci stayed in your mouth around the clock!

You have toys on toys on toys (rotten!). At first you preferred your plush animals (especially the hippo Co and Uncle Jay brought you to the hospital when you gave us a big scare last month), but you are really starting to prefer any toy that crinkles, makes noise, or lights up. Lately you are having a lot of fun playing in your sea-themed jumper that grandma bought for you before you were born, especially if Little Baby Bum (nursery rhymes) is playing on repeat. You pretty much want anything daddy and I are holding, and sometimes you throw fits if we don’t give it to you. Lets get out of that habit, mmkay? You love playing peek-a-boo, but you’re kind of a big ole’ scaredy cat if the “boo” comes unanticipated. You’re known to cry when someone sneezes or makes a semi-loud noise in your presence. Daddy often jokes that he’s going to have to protect you in the upcoming years from all things Halloween (the scary stuff, that is).

You have already mastered rolling over and sitting up on your own, and crawling is right around the corner. You’ve gotten up on your hands and knees just a handful of times, but most of the time you end up going backwards. We aren’t in any rush though– in fact, if you could just stay a baby a little longer, that would be great.

When I say you are the most loved little babe I’ve ever seen, I mean it. Daddy and I obviously think you hung the moon, but you most definitely have our entire family wrapped around your little fingers. It’s very rare that we go longer than a week without a visit from your aunts, uncles, and cousins. You and I go visit great grandma and grandpa every Wednesday, and I’m pretty sure Wednesdays are great grandma’s favorite days of the week because of you!

You really are such a good baby. Outside of being really hungry (hangry), teething, or past due for a nap, you rarely ever cry. You are overall such a happy baby and we couldn’t be more in love with you! We are having so much fun with you and can’t wait to (continue to) spoil you rotten and watch you grow and experience new things. Daddy keeps talking about your first Disney trip, trips to the zoo, and taking you out for ice-cream, while I am already planning your first birthday party (it may or may not involve lots and lots of donuts). But in all the excitement for what the future holds with you, I want to cherish every moment of your teeny tiny self. I’ve made it my job to snuggle you for as long as you’ll let me, and spend every waking second by your side. I’m not ready for you to grow up, but when you do, we have so many fun things planned for you. Time, you are such a thief. Happy six months, baby boy! We love you more than you’ll ever know!

0-1 month 

You spent the first few days of your life in the NICU because the doctors were worried about your breathing patterns when you were born. They thought you either had fluid in your lungs or an infection. Thankfully, neither checked out to be true, but we were grateful you were being monitored so closely. Seeing you with tubes in your mouth and nose was pretty rough, but they were able to take them out after the first night and we were able to hold you for the first time (well, I was allowed to hold you for about 30 seconds when you were born, but they whisked you away pretty quickly to make sure you were safe). This photo was right after you were born:


This was the first time daddy and I got to hold you in our arms:


The tubes are gone but you are still in the NICU to make sure your breathing remains normal:


We spent one extra night in the hospital, and you finally got to sleep in our room:


Your first bath and post-bath snuggles:


Daddy’s first time feeding you:


Our first photo of a family of three, right before we took you home(!!!!!):


Night one at home was pretty rough! Here we are waiting in the car at Target while daddy runs in to buy a portable bassinet, hoping night two would be better:


One of our 4am feedings:


Our first doctor’s appointment without daddy:


Our first walk as a family of three: