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Ten years

TEN years have seriously come and gone in a flash, yet feels like a lifetime! 1/3 of my life with my best friend?! I’ll take it. I met Robert during an interview for my first “real” job– he was one of two interviewers in the room, and was standing with his arms crossed, leaning against a desk with no real questions to ask. He left the interview half-way in, and I specifically remember how awkward that was! Had I been told then that he would be my husband one day, I definitely wouldn’t have believed it! We started getting to know each other after I accepted a position at the company, and after our first date, I quickly started realizing he was somethin’ special. I mean, what man leaves a full plate at Pei Wei to go to another restaurant because his date isn’t liking her food!? 😜

So many dates, vacations, holidays, events, and new memories we’ve shared. So many first times, some last times (ahem, zip-lining), and a bucket list of adventures we hope to have!

We went on our first trip together to San Diego and pretty much had the best time ever.

We moved into our first apartment together.

We adopted a sweet little puppy named Cody, who we lost just a few weeks later. 

We lost my dad very traumatically. Robert never left my side, and it was then that I knew I would marry him one day. 


We went to Pets Mart for dog food, and came home with Kayla, dog #3.

We made more trips to Austin than I can even count.

We bought our first home.

Larks View

We brought home Buddy, dog #4, after he followed us through the Stockyards one night.


We travelled to Vegas for the first time and did not win anything, but had the best trip.

I (finally) finished my degree. 

We got engaged.

We very reluctantly welcomed a kitten into our home, and decided that pet #5 would be the last.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 1.46.22 PM.png

We took an impromptu trip to Destin to celebrate my brother’s 30th birthday. 

We got married, and it was the best day surrounded by the best people.

We went on our first cruise together to the Caribbean, and made so many amazing first time memories.

We took a trip to Colorado for our first anniversary. 

We slow danced in the empty rooms of our first home after it sold and started the build of our second.

Larks View

We took a weekend trip Shreveport and lost $1000 in the first two hours, but had a great time anyway.

We found out we were going to be parents! 

We took a trip to San Francisco for our second anniversary, and soaked in time together before our son was born. 

We lost Robert’s mom very suddenly, devastating us to our core. I am still in awe of the Le family, and the way they came together to support each other during the worst time in their lives. 

We moved into our second home when I was 9 months pregnant. 

New Home

We brought our baby boy home two weeks later!!! 

We lost my mom without any warning, bringing us from our highest high to our lowest low, having lost both of our moms within four months of each other. 

We lost our sweet Kayla girl.  


Robert turned 40. 


And this weekend, we will be celebrating our 10th year together! 

Through the highs and lows and everything in between, I would not choose to be on this rollercoaster called life with anyone else by my side! You’re my very best friend, and I’m so thankful that you chose me! Cheers to one decade down, and many more to go, my love! I love you!

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