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Pumpkins (Year Three)

This year marked year three of pumpkin carving/ decorating with family (and a few close friends), and it was probably my favorite yet. Beckham is now at the age where he’s understanding holidays and really enjoying all the fun that goes with them. I never realized how much fun holidays would be with kids! My mom was the queen of decorating for special occasions when we were growing up, so I always have a lot of welcomed nostalgia during this time of year as I do the same. I hope that’s one of the things Beckham grows to look forward to as the seasons change.

Pre-Beckham, I wasn’t really a fan of decorating for Halloween. I LOVE Fall, and is probably definitely my favorite season because I am shamelessly obsessed with pumpkins. I’ve loved watching Beckham’s excitement as he sees anything Halloween-related in stores, so this year I’ve started (very) small in incorporating little bats, skeletons, and spiders into our normal Fall decor. I’ll be hitting Hobby Lobby pretty hard on November 1st scouring post-holiday sales to stock up on Halloween decor for next year. Don’t judge.