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First Day of Kindergarten

My sweetest boy, I literally have no clue how this day came so fast. I truly feel like you were just learning to walk; I blinked and now you’re walking into your kinder classroom like the big boy you are! I’m typing this as I sit in the car pick-up line 45 minutes early, anxiously waiting to hear about your day. To say I missed you today would be the BIGGEST understatement.

Mama and Daddy stayed up SO late the night before your big day, making sure the day would be perfect for you (and your teacher). We finished up last minute paperwork, prepped lunch for you in your adorable new bento box, prepared a gift basket for your teacher, and put together a cute little breakfast setup to celebrate the big day!

I cannot believe how brave you are; you are far more courageous than I was at your age. You actually asked if you could walk in by yourself on your first day— say what?! In the end, you let Mama, Daddy and your sisters walk you to class and snap a few pictures along the way. We got to your class and although you didn’t admit it, you seemed a little more nervous than usual. I think entering the classroom to other kids sitting quietly at their desks was a little intimidating for you. You promptly went and sat at your desk, gave Mama and Daddy hugs and waved goodbye. I am so, so proud of you!

Although we had Parker and Em to fill the void at home, the house was way too quiet without you there. I continuously watched the clock (apparently time moves much, much slower that way) and decided I couldn’t handle not seeing you at least at lunchtime. So, I headed up to your school to eat with you on your first day. I arrived just in time to watch you walk in line to the cafeteria, and watched your eyes light up when you saw me. “Mama!! Are you going to eat with me?!” Heart. Melted.

You told me bits and pieces about your day while I snuggled you at the visitors table. Lunch came and went pretty fast, and when it was time to walk you back to join your clsssmates in line, you teared up and asked if I could stay. That broke my heart more than you will ever know. However, once I told you that we would be getting ice cream on our way home later in the afternoon, all was right in the world again.

The day was agonizingly long (for all of us), and I was SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!! As expected, day one was filled with getting acclimated with no big news to report. Watching you jump into Daddy's arms while doing a happy squeal when you got home was probably the best thing ever.

Day two had a pretty rocky start- you were pretty upset when it was time to get ready. There were lots and lots of tears. You said the school day was way too long- that it was too long to wait to see Mama and Daddy (I agree, buddy. I agree). After talking through it all for a while (and maybe promising you a Lego set and extra time before bed), tears were quickly dried and we set off for day two. Although you seemed perfectly happy (you went straight to your desk and started coloring), I talked to your teacher to let her know you had a rough morning.

Later in the day, Mama and Daddy packed the girls up to come have lunch with you (as promised), but you had other plans! You asked if it was okay if you had lunch with your friends, to which I responded “ABSOLUTELY!!” Daddy may have been a bit sad, but we were both so, so happy you already made friends. We waved goodbye and watched as you opened your lunchbox and chatted away with your classmates. Your teacher told me that she talked to you in the morning and told me you were having a great day. Thank goodness for good teachers, and thank goodness you are having a better day!

Before I knew it, I was sitting in the car pick up line on day two, waiting to see your sweet little face. I was SO happy when you climbed in the car with excitement, letting me know the day went by "SO fast" and that you love school! We had to pretty much pry information from you on what all you did during the day, but we are so incredibly relieved to know you had a great day!

Here I sit on the morning of day three, finishing up this letter. I can’t wait to hear how your day was, but I already know it was another good one! I am counting down the minutes until I can scoop you up again. I miss you so, so much!

My baby boy, I know you will move mountains one day. I know that because you have already done so for me. We love you SO, SO big, and we are so incredibly proud of you!



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