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Beckham’s 2nd Birthday Party

Transportation Theme Party
Transportation Party
Transportation Party Banner
Party Hat
School Bus Backdrop

Transportation Party Bags
Transportation Party Favors
Transportation Theme Party
Transportation Theme Party Tags

I had so much planned for this party (thanks, Pinterest), but I started a huge painting project two weeks prior to the big day. Not the best idea, but hey.. I can check three rooms off of our painting list! I was so behind in comparison to my normal party planning, so I recruited help from those who came early (sorry, yall!).

Helium Tank

As we were waiting on all of our guests to arrive, Beckham and his cousins played on the train table he got for his birthday, and our sweet photographer followed him around getting some pictures of him in his new favorite birthday shirt (side note: I can’t wait for the day we can use bribery to make him smile on command).

Train Table
Train Table