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At Roots, we are a FAMILY. After all, that’s the inspiration behind the brand! We have four concepts within our shop: The Sweet Side, The Spicy Side, Gift Shop, and Life of the Party. Each shop represents one of our parents who are no longer with us + family as a whole. Roots has become a way for us to honor the people in our lives who have made us who we are, and it means the WORLD to us to share it with you! 

I’m Jenny, the founder of the brand and the one who is almost always covered in flour.. and babies! Family is the biggest part of my life and making memories with the ones I love is kind of my jam. I’m a Texas gal and grew up singing Garth Brooks and George Strait like it was my job. When I hear the song “Friends in Low Places,” I’m instantly back in my childhood kitchen, baking a fresh loaf of banana nut bread with my mom while my dad serenades us over his invisible microphone. Yes, those were the good ole’ days. I have endured a lot of heartache over the years, but the one constant has always been FAMILY. So when I met my family-loving husband, Robert, I knew he was the one! I'm convinced we have the three SWEETEST babes on Earth: Beckham, who is our Hot Mess Express but also the best Big Bro ever, and our newest twin babes, Parker and Emery, who are gorgeous and sassy and boss us around on the reg. Becoming a mama to these three has made all of my dreams come true (and their daddy is the best catch, too)! A lot of what you will find in our shop is inspired by this little trio.. the babes, however, are not for sale! ;)

We believe that every little moment deserves to be celebrated in a BIG way, and we are here to help you do just that! From cakes + the cutest party supplies you ever did see, to the sweetest gifts for the ones you love- we've got you covered. 


Welcome to the  family.. we are so glad you are here!

Pictured here are the faces behind the brand along with our superhero + snow cone lover, Beckham, and our sassy-diva-princess babes, Parker and Emery. Stick around and you'll be sure to see a lot of these sweet little faces!  


Cookie Kits



Need a great idea for family time?

How about one of our cookie kits! Great fun to design, bake, and eat! Order yours today!

What's included:

8 individually sealed sugar cookies

3 colors of icing with spreading spoons

3 variations of sprinkles

Ready for a party?

The Party Pack includes:

12 mini boxes; each box includes

3 individually sealed sugar cookies

3 colors of icing with spreading spoons

2 variations of sprinkles


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Whether you're here for party ideas, gifts for someone you love, or just your everyday baby spam, we're glad you're here! 

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